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Zero Waste
Zero Waste

Source Separation Plan

Starting on January 1, 2024, a new recycling requirement will go into place per the passage of the Zero Waste Omnibus Amendment Act of 2020 and D.C. Code § 8–1031.04. The following entities must submit an annual Source Separation Plan to the Department of Public Works (DPW) outlining the steps the property owner will take to implement compliant recycling programs:

  • Multi-family dwellings with 80 or more units
  • Commercial buildings with 10 or more units
  • Businesses or nonprofit organizations with 101 or more employees

Plans are due annually every April 1 and will be reviewed and verified through on-site inspection by DPW staff.

What to expect

A Source Separation Plan is a form which property owners submit to document how they are complying with existing trash and recycling requirements in the District. The average time to complete a Source Separation Plan is 15 minutes.  

The form will prompt the filer to enter the following information:  

  • Contact information for the building and building management  
  • Trash and recycling haulers who service the building  
  • Information about collection bins and frequency of collection  
  • Information regarding how the building is educating residents about trash and recycling  

Resources and Assistance

DPW is committed to helping commercial entities adapt to new regulations and run successful recycling programs and has a robust Multi-Family Recycling Toolkit online at The toolkit includes the “Multi-Family Zero Waste Guide” as well as resources on specific topics such as hauling for multi-family buildings, and training tools for property managers, janitorial staff, and residents.

In addition to these resources, DPW staff are available to help entities understand and comply with recycling requirements. You are welcome to direct any questions about trash and recycling requirements to [email protected]. DPW staff are also available to present to your community group, business, apartment, agency or school about District zero waste programs, services, and requirements. You can request a presentation at

To submit a Source Separation Plan, please fill out the form below.