Zero Waste
Zero Waste

Food & Yard Waste - Residents

Women serving food to the community.

Food Waste Prevention & Donation

Stopping food waste before it begins and donating food is the best practice before composting or anaerobically digesting waste. Learn about food waste prevention and tips for reusing food here.

Young man and women working a booth for Food Waste Drop-Off

Food Waste Drop-Off

District residents can drop-off food waste to be composted at designated Farmers' Market. The drop-off locations are open on the weekends in all eight wards.

Grasscycling flyer of a Man mowing lawn

Learn How to Compost at Home

With the Home Composting Program, you can learn how to compost at home, sign up for a training workshop, and apply for a rebate worth up to $75! Learn more.

Grasscycling flyer of a Man mowing lawn

Learn How to Grasscycle

"Grasscycling" is the simple act of leaving your grass clippings on the lawn after you have mowed. The result is a healthier-looking lawn that saves you time and money! Learn more.

DPW Worker picking up leaves

Leaf Collection

Every fall, DPW collects leaves at least twice by “vacuuming” the leaves residents rake into their tree boxes. These leaves are then composted.

Find the leaf collection schedule and status for your neighborhood.

Workers picking up Holiday Trees into a city truck

Holiday Trees

Each January, holiday trees and greenery are collected from the curb in front of residential households serviced by DPW. These trees, along with any greenery brought to the Fort Totten Transfer Station, will be composted. Visit here to find out when holiday trees and greenery will be collected this year for composting.

A community Composting 3 bin system

Community Composting

Join one of 50 DC Department of Parks and Recreation’s (DPR) critter-proof Community Compost Cooperatives around the city to compost your food scraps with garden waste as a community. Or take the DPR Master Urban Composter Course to learn how to start and manage a community composting site.

Man sorting through compost and dirt

Pick-Up Free Compost

DPW will provide District residents with up to five 32-gallon bags (bring your own bags) of free compost on weekdays (1 pm to 5 pm), and Saturdays (8 am to 3 pm), at the Fort Totten Transfer Station, 4900 John F. McCormack Dr. NE, Washington, DC 20011.