Zero Waste

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Zero Waste

Perfect Set Out Contest

Perfect Set Out” Contest Rules

Single family households in all wards of the District are eligible to win “The Perfect Set Out” contest if their recycling carts meet the winning criteria:

  1. The household must receive curbside recycling collection from the DC Department of Public Works.
  2. The cart must not contain any items not accepted for recycling in the District (the cart doesn’t have to have all the recycling materials; it just can’t contain any that are unacceptable).
  3. All recyclables must be contained in the residents DC government-issued recycling can or bin.
  4. All recycled items should be emptied and rinsed.

Contest Dates

Judging: April 12 through April 16

Winner Announced: April 22 (Earth Day)


Winners will receive a recycling “swag bag” filled with eco-friendly items. They also must be willing to be photographed alongside their “Perfect Set Out,” which will publicized on DPW and environmental partner social media channels.