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Zero Waste
Zero Waste


Annual Solid Waste Diversion Report

The Annual Waste Diversion Update provides data and key information regarding the District’s waste generation and diversion rates.

Waste Characterization Studies

Waste characterization studies provide data on the composition of waste generated in the District.

Recycling Trends

Past Recycling Reports:

Compost Feasibility Report

The Compost Feasibility Study provides an overview of the compost initiatives underway in the District and assesses the feasibility of DC implementing an organics curbside collection program.

Co-Digestion Feasibility Study

This study, which builds off the previously released Compost Collection Progress and Feasibility Study (2017), assesses the feasibility of sending a portion of the food waste generated in the District each year to DC Water’s Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Facility to generate electricity and produce a soil amendment.

Sustainable DC Plan

The Sustainable DC Plan, which was first released in 2013, envisions a District that generates zero waste. With goals of waste reduction, material reuse, and increased recycling, the Sustainable DC Plan includes 16 waste-related actions.  

PaintCare Stewardship Plan

In accordance with the Paint Stewardship Act of 2014, PaintCare submitted a plan for an industry-led paint recycling program.


The Sustainable Solid Waste Management Amendment Act of 2014, using the principles of extended producer responsibility, requires manufacturers of covered electronic equipment (CEE) sold in the District to collect and recycle electronic waste generated in the city.

Sustainable Purchasing Reports

In accordance with the Procurement Practices Reform Act of 2010 (PPRA), the Office of Contracting and Procurement (OCP) is required to submit a report detailing green spend across the District, progress implementing sustainable purchasing policy, and recommended changes and next steps for the program.